Disney Dreamlight Valley Cave Puzzle | How to Solve

Ursula has found herself trapped inside a cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This occurs after you open the initial entry for the Dazzle Beach area. You can find this on the southeast corner of the map, where Ursula will ask for your help. With a new crystal key given to you by her, you then head to the other cave on Dazzle Beach where a Forgetting presence lurks amid a pillar. Here, we’re introduced to the cave puzzle, which plays as the central location for the “With Great Power” quest with Merlin. There are three magical gates that we must get across if we wish to help Ursula, so let’s get started.

How to Solve the Cave Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Solve the Cave Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As we descend into the mystical cave, we find ourselves blocked off by the first gate and three statues. Each of these dormant statues holds a different color: green, blue, and red. What we need to do is gather a few minerals that correspond to the colors. The peridot mineral adheres with green, and you can find these among Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow. We have aquamarine for blue, which can be mined along the walls of Dazzle Beach and the Forest of Valor. Then, we can mine garnet for red, which is also in the Peaceful Meadow and the Plaza. Place these into their respective statues, and level one of the mystical cave is done and over with.

For the second part of this quest, we’re tasked with bringing forth three seeds to another trio of statues. Our journey takes us back outside the cave, where we need seeds for tomato, carrot, and wheat. Evidently, we can obtain these from Goofy’s stands on Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow. Next, return to the cave to plant the seeds. Of course, we’ll have to water them and then wait patiently for them to grow. You’re basically free to go back onto the Valley for any unattended quest in the meantime. Just be sure to soon make your way back to the cave.

How to Make Veggie Pasta

Disney Dreamlight Valley Veggie Pasta Recipe

Upon your reappearance at the mystical cave, the second gated shield will have dissipated. Harvest your three new crops, then proceed to the final magical barricade. Your third task requires you “cook and eat what you have grown.” In other words, utilize the stove to cook up a veggie pasta; the recipe is within the stones on the ground. After you learn the recipe, toss the three ingredients into the pot, and you’ll have yourself some fresh veggie pasta. As per the instructions, consume the meal, and you can now reach the bottom level of the cave.

The quest’s final stage in the cave involves fishing out the Orb of Power from the water. It’s relatively easy to do, and you can be done in no time with this step. Upon retrieving the orb, return to Dazzle Beach then place the glowing item into the biome’s pillar. Dazzle Beach is now mostly free from the Forgetting, thanks to you. Furthermore, you can head back to Ursula to tell her the good news. She now joins the ranks of multiple Disney/Pixar characters in the Valley.

Completing “With Great Power” will be a tad tedious for some players when it comes to the cave puzzle; it’s best to do it in steps as you progress through Dazzle Beach and Ursula’s requests while acquiring Dreamlight along the way. Be sure to check out more of our tips with these additional guides for Disney Dreamlight Valley: