Disney Dreamlight Valley Citrine | Where to Find

Mining for gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a surefire way to earn Star Coins. However, most of the time we pull out our pick-axes because we need to harvest an ore for a quest. For example, finding the rare gem Citrine is required to complete the final step in Mickey’s Questline, which involves opening a secret door. And, with 18 different gems in the game, determining where it is can be difficult. Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly where Citrine is in this guide, so keep reading to find out!

Where to Find Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley in Sunlit Plateau or at the Glade of Trust. In both of these regions, look for dark stones buried in the light stone that surrounds the border. Mining these in either region will give you a variety of gem drops, and unfortunately Citrine has one of the lower drop rates of them all. So, it may take some trial and error, of mining these rocks in both regions, before you can get some Citrine in your inventory.

However, if you consistently mine in Sunlit Plateau or Glade of Trust, it shouldn’t be long before you find yourself some Citrine. The gem itself is orange and yellow, so keep an eye out for a gem of that hue. This should not be confused with Shiny Citrine, which has the same color but with a glowing aura around it. The Citrine you need for Mickey’s Secret Door quest is just the base gem. But that’s just one of four.

You’ll also need three other gems, one of which is Tourmaline, This can also be found in Sunlit Plateau using the same method. So, while mining for Citrine in that area, you can double down and collect Tourmaline for the same quest. The last gems you need for Mickey’s Secret Door quest are Aquamarine and Garnet. The Former can be found in Dazzle Beach and the Forest of Valor, while the latter can be found in Peaceful Meadows and the Plaza.

That’s all you need to know about mining Citrine and finding the gems for Mickey’s Secret Door quest. If you need more help with Disney Dreamlight Valley be sure to check out our other guides below: