Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay | How to Get

There are so many different materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can be used to build new items. Whenever you come across something brand new, you’ll notice that new crafting recipes will become available. The one that we have in mind for today is the clay material that’s used to build bricks and flower pots. Keep reading onward to see where you can find and obtain clay.

How to Get Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Get Clay

To get clay, head over to the Glade of Trust biome and use your shovel to scoop into muddy spots near the ponds. You’ll either get clumps of clay or soil; the actual result is up to chance. Since the area is close to the usual green fields, you’ll have more soil than clay, even when digging directly into the mud. Their appearance is similar to that of soil, yet it’s entirely gray to differentiate itself. A dose of patience is recommended when first looking for some.

Acquiring clay will bring you new crafting options to explore. For starters, you can create a supply of bricks for yourself to further decorate the Valley. To make a single brick, mix together five Clay and one Coal Ore onto the Crafting Station. It’ll be under the Refined Material category. Be sure to accumulate as much as possible as you’re traversing through the Glade of Trust; it’s easy to run out of it when you’re in the middle of utilizing your recipes. Plus, bricks are used to design flower pots to add a little more flavor, so it helps to keep a steady stock of them at home.

In addition to the bricks, clay and soil can generate pieces of Sun-Baked Earthen Road. Evidently, these can be placed outdoors, but it can change up the layout from the brick roads in the Valley. To make this paving, combine one Clay and one Soil to produce the material. This one is under the Fence & Paving section for your crafting recipes.

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