Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconut Ice Cream | How to Make

Disney Dreamlight Valley has so many meals that just sound mouth-watering. From the basics like fish pasta to delicious masterpieces like Bouillabaisse, you’ll have every way to unlock your inner chef. However, some recipes are still a bit strange to find, especially since you usually make everything in a cooking pot. Coconut Ice Cream is a unique recipe in that it is a high-ranking, four star recipe. This thing provides great profits, but requires some heavy lifting if you really want it. So let’s head down to Dazzle Beach to start putting together some summer deserts!

How to Make Coconut Ice Cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Coconut Ice Cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Coconut Ice Cream is a four-star recipe made from Coconut, Sugarcane, Milk, and Slush Ice. Sugarcane and Coconuts are both found on Dazzle Beach, through Goofy’s and Maui’s questlines. Milk and Slush Ice is part of Remy’s questline, so you’ll need to make close friends with the local chef to make this recipe. Once you have all of the ingredients, you can through that stuff in a cauldron to make yourself some delicious frozen treats!

The Dazzle Beach ingredients will require a ton of work. The biome unlocks only after spending a ton of dollars; 1,000 Dreamlight, to be exact! That’s a bit of farming. Then, you’ll need to open Goofy’s stall to find the Sugarcane. You’ll also need to farm Maui’s quest to unlock the ability to farm coconuts. It would be a bit hard to make its namesake icecream, after all!

Thankfully, the other two ingredients are home-grown! Milk is available right off the bat in Remy’s Pantry. Just pop your head in there every now and then to grind that ingredient.

Slush Ice is another story. You’ll need to befriend Remy in order to unlock this ingredient. However, you’ll definitely want to befriend Remy as soon as possible. Remy is one of the best friends to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as his questline is full of rare resource unlocks for you to get. If you’re at all interested in cooking in this game – including to finish the questlines of other characters! – you’ll want to be on Remy’s good side.