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Running a restaurant with Remy can be a demanding job in Disney Dreamlight Valley, especially when it involves cooking different foods. From savory breakfast plates to hefty dinners, there’s quite a wide array of meals that will appease any level of appetite. One particular food that we’re covering today is the delicious crepe, a “thin pancake sprinkled with sugar and fruit”. How does one chef prodigy go about assembling some crepes for the fellow villagers in the Valley? We’ll show you the recipe for this delectable dessert with this brief guide.

How to Make Crepe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Crepe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One crepe is as easy as throwing these four ingredients into your cooking station: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, and Vanilla. This creates a flavorsome 4-star plate that surprisingly doesn’t require any fruits for the mixture.

Eggs and Milk are easily obtainable by visiting Chez Remy for the delightful stock. Eggs go for 220 Star Coins, and Milk charges you just a bit more for 230. Vanilla is quick to harvest; head to the Sunlit Plateau and search for the sweet ingredient growing from the ground. Vanilla is especially essential for a few desserts that require the resource (such as Vanilla Ice Cream and Wedding Cake).

As for Wheat, you’ll have to conduct some business with Goofy at his Peaceful Meadow post. Each Wheat seed sells for merely 1 Star Coin. You’ll have to do some farming here for Wheat, but the growth time only runs for one minute, which is incredibly low in comparison to the other crops.

This 4-star plate can provide the player with 1,624 Energy if they choose to consume it. It’s more rewarding if you go that route as opposed to selling it to Goofy at one of his stalls. Even though the crepes rank out to be 4 stars, they’re valued only at 768 Star Coins. That’s only if you’re looking to acquire some extra currency. Otherwise, you can always set it aside as a gift for someone in the near future.

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