Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards | How to Use

One of the many materials that you’ll probably be confused with in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Dream Shard. These are obtained by removing Night Thorns from throughout various regions. Off the bat, we can already assume that the Dream Shards have something to do with Dreamlight itself. And that’s true, they will eventually become important, so it’s best to collect them before knowing how to use them. We’ll show you how you can utilize these with our guide below.

How to Use Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Use Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dream Shards can be used to craft actual Dreamlight for your character, and they can be assembled at a Crafting Station. 10 Dream Shards will create 250 Dreamlight, which are added to your ever-growing accumulation of the source. At the Crafting Station, scroll over to the Potent & Enchantment section to find Dreamlight. Then, you can make Dreamlight by removing the shards from your inventory.

Working with the shards in the Valley will come later in the game in the form of a quest. Particularly, it’ll be Merlin’s “A New Enchantment” quest, where you’ll be tasked with gathering the item in question. He’ll also temporarily enchant your watering can to further combat the Forgetting, but this is where the shards are essentially explained. Since you’ve already been removing Night Thorns since the game’s beginning, you’ll most likely have an intake of them. Though their drop rate is relatively low, they can come in handy when extra Dreamlight is needed.

In addition to the Dream Shards, the game also features Night Shards. These can be acquired by digging up sparkling mounds with your shovel. Use these with Dream Shards at your Crafting Stations to assemble Purified Night Shards. Five Nights Shards and one Dream Shard will be required in order to make them. You can then present these to your Disney and Pixar pals as a gift to increase your friendships. Otherwise, you can always stick to creating Dreamlight with the shards.

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