Disney Dreamlight Valley Extra Fizzy Root Beer | How to Make

Disney Dreamlight Valley is fairly unique in the life simulation genre. That’s because of how many quest-only items this game has! So, you won’t only have to deal with a ton of different recipes for many different items… You’ll also have to deal with the recipes used for only quest items. That can get disorienting! If you have an objective to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you’ll need to do more than just make some basic food items!

How to Make Extra Fizzy Root Beer in DDV

How to Make Extra Fizzy Root Beer in DDV

Extra Fizzy Root Beer is a quest item for Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley, made from Vanilla, Sugarcane, and Dried Ginger. In order to make it, you will have to progress Scar’s first friendship quest to the point where you enter the mines. Once you get the piece of paper, you’ll be able to receive the ingredients in a nearby camp, but with a twist! Dried Ginger is a quest-only item, so you won’t be able to make this root beer again.

This root beer is only available for the quest. So, don’t worry about needing it for any other recipe, before or after you befriend Scar!

Thankfully, the game helps you make this specific quest item. In the nearby camp, you will find all three ingredients that you’ll need; Vanilla, Sugarcane, and Dried Ginger. That’s right, you need specifically the Dried Ginger, or else the quest can’t continue.

The Crackling Candies that you found in the camp will be needed for the future, but will not be needed when you’re first making the item! That’s part of the quest. You’ll need to put it and your root beer in a red barrel deeper into Vitalys Mines. Don’t worry, the game objectives will help guide you!

And then you’ll never have to worry about Dried Ginger or Extra Fizzy Root Beer again! These items are only used in quests, so you won’t have to memorize any ingredients from this once you’ve befriended Scar.