Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water | How to Get

Disney Dreamlight Valley is much like many life simulation games, in that it is full of random garbage that you have to collect! Resources in this game range from the obvious to the downright cruel when it comes to collection. And some of these resources are required for quests, making things even worse! Falling Water is a strangely beautiful name for one of the weirdest resources in the game. It’s rather specific to find, so don’t worry if you haven’t spotted it. If you’re still wanting to find it, we can help you out!

How to Get Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To find Falling Water, you must head to the southern edge of the Glade of Trust, which holds a waterfall. Head to the stone bridge right before the waterfall, and you should see some golden sparkles. Walk up to the sparkles and interact with them to add Falling Water to your inventory.

Falling Water is just a part of Merlin’s questline. It is not used as an ingredient for any other recipe; you just need it so you can help out Merlin. And, like the name says, Final Trial is his last quest for now! Once you find your falling water and ice heart, you are good as you can get with Merlin!

Final Trial is a very important quest to complete, so be sure to work hard on it! It’ll upgrade your watering can to let you get through the mushrooms in the Glade. So, get the water and then grow the Ice Heart by getting the seed out of your Enchantment Book.

You’ll also need a ton of mushrooms. What a strange enchantment Merlin crafts for us!

Once you have these ingredients, you’ll be done with Merlin and able to get through the huge mushrooms scattered all over Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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