Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Pie Recipe | How to Make

If you’ve started your journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you know just how important cooking is to your work in saving the Village. In your work cleaning up and completing quests, you might come across recipes, including Fish Pie. This is a great dish to learn the basics of cooking throughout the game., but sourcing these ingredients is another task in itself. Keep reading to find out how to make the Fish Pie recipe.

How To Craft Fish Pies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Pie Recipe

To make the Fish Pie recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need wheat, butter, and any type of fish. Toss all three ingredients into the stove and you’ll have a fresh meal!

Whether sweet or savory, every pie dish starts with two of the same ingredients, then adds something as a filling. For the pie crust, you’ll need butter and wheat. The butter is going to be the most difficult to obtain, as first you need to open Chez Remy in the Plaza.

By choosing the right-most door in the first row of Dream Castle doors, you can find Remy, who will teach you some more advanced cooking. After this, he moves into the village, where you can purchase butter from him. One down!

Wheat is an essential, multipurpose ingredient throughout many dishes, and it’s not at all hard to produce. You can often find it on sale in Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow, or you can buy seeds, or find them while cleaning up the Village. From here, plant and water them, and harvest your second ingredient for your Fish Pie.

Finally, you need the filling; some fish! There are several ponds across Peaceful Meadow where you can catch a fish after Goofy provides you with a fishing rod.

Alternatively, if you’ve unlocked Dazzle Beach, you can also use the ocean for some alternative options from under the sea. Be sure to find a Disney or Pixar friend to tag along, especially someone who you’ve selected to be good at fishing; gaining more fish to cook with is a net bonus, after all.

From here, combine the three ingredients at a stove, remembering the coal needed to combine the ingredients and presto! You’ve made yourself a fresh Fish Pie.