Disney Dreamlight Valley | Fox Favorite Food

What does the fox say in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Well, not much in terms of actually speaking, but the adorable critter can interact with you in the game. Located in the Frosted Heights, to the east of the Castle, is a whole line of foxes that roam among the wintery land. From the classic breed to the red and blue furry animals, any one of them can be approached by you. However, a fox exhibits a playful demeanor whenever you get close to them, prompting the omnivore to run away. Like the other animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the foxes do have a preference when it comes to food — if you can catch up to them, that is.

What Is the Fox’s Favorite Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What Is the Fox's Favorite Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The fox loves a good White Sturgeon. It’s a highly valuable fish that you can catch from the waters in the Frosted Heights. In order to feed a fox, you’ll have to essentially chase after it in a little game of “catch-me-if-you-can”. They’ll run around for only a little while until they come to a complete stop. This is where you can then approach the animal to feed them the White Sturgeon fish.

Once you get into a habit of visiting and feeding the foxes their favorite food, they can eventually tag alongside you in your adventures. Through the Inventory screen, you can view the different critters and unique animals by accessing the Companions page. If you provide enough White Sturgeons to a fox, they’ll be added to the aforementioned page.

The preferred food in question here can be fed to all fox variants in the Frosted Heights. This includes the Classic, Black, Blue, Red, and White foxes. They all appear at different times throughout the week, so be sure to head over to the Frosted Heights area to locate any dissimilar omnivores. The cold biome houses the Passion Lily flower family and worthwhile Salmon-catching opportunities, coupled with the critters that we’re encountering here.

As a side note, you can always opt to sell your White Sturgeons to Goofy at any of his trading stalls. A single White Sturgeon is valued at 1,250 Star Coins with a 1,800 Energy intake if consumed. The choice is entirely up to you, of course. The fox isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry if you wish to return at another time.

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