Disney Dreamlight Valley Garnets | Where to Find

If you want to bring Wall-E back home in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to complete the Shy Little Robot quest. During it, you’ll need to retrieve a Fire Extinguisher from Scrooge McDuck. However, as a businessman, he can’t just give it away and will ask you to mine for two Garnets in exchange for the gift. But where do you mine for Garnets?

Where to Find Garnets in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Garnets Location

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Garnets can be found in any of the mining rocks in the Village or Peaceful Meadow. They will appear as bright red gems and should be pretty easy to spot. You will find the mining rocks around the outside edges of the Valley.

The bright-red Garnets won’t always appear in a mining spot at first. If you see a spot but there are no gems on it, hit it a few times with your pickaxe. Sometimes it’ll just break, but other times it will reveal a gem that you can get.

Once you have found two Garnets, return to Scrooge McDuck and he will give you the Fire Extinguisher in exchange.

Next, you’ll need to speak with Mickey about a ball and Goofy about a Sprout Boot. With all three gifts in hand, you can return to Wall-E and offer up the items. This will be enough to convince him to move back to the Valley.

Now that you have the Garnets and all the gifts, to complete the Shy Little Robot quest, head back to the Valley and find a spot to build Wall-E home. Since you’re such a good friend, you’ll need to foot the bill from Scrooge McDuck for 2,000 Star Coins to build his house. Doing so will complete the quest and allow you to continue the Wall-E questline.

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