Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Quests | Full Walkthrough

Goofy is one of the most memorable characters from the House of Mouse, and he certainly makes quite a presence in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only does he supply you with the fishing rod, but he’s also a wonderful companion to go on quests with. And as with every friend in the Valley, Goofy has his share of character quests for us to accomplish. To take a peek at his available Friendship adventures, we’ve put together a full walkthrough guide to give you a hand with all of the Goofy quests.

How to Complete All Goofy Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Complete All Goofy Quests

Since Goofy provides you with the fishing Royal Tool, it’s only fair to attach his Friendship specialty to catching fish. That way, you gain a little boost whenever you two go fishing together, and he can toss you extra aquatic creatures upon a successful catch at random. Of course, you have to hang out with him in order for these to come into effect. It’ll help with progressing with the seven Goofy quests, which are listed below.

  • Fishing Expedition
  • A Warm Welcome
  • Photographic Memory
  • The Mysterious Wreck
  • Dinner with a Friend
  • Photo Fervor
  • Scrapbook  Blitz

Keep reading for details on how to complete all of the Goofy quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Fishing Expedition

The first of the Goofy quests initially occurs with Fishing Expedition which happens after first meeting Goofy and handing him back his original fishing rod. Return to him and ask him about the activity. You’ll then proceed to a nearby body of water to practice your casting skills.

Whatever you catch will count for this simple task, so long as you are fishing onto a ripple in the water. With your acquired seafood, show it to Goofy, who will then show you his stall in the Peaceful Meadow. Talk to him here, where you’re then tasked with using the Scrooge McDuck sign to rebuild Goofy’s Stall at no cost, even though the businessman might protest against it.

Repairs to the stall will then be established; thus, talk to Goofy one more time to finish the quest. He’ll also give you some seeds to startup your farming routines.

A Warm Welcome

Keep increasing Goofy’s Friendship meter until you reach Level 2 to unlock the A Warm Welcome quest. For this one, we’ll be doing some cooking with the eccentric dog. We’ll need to collect 3 Basil and 3 Oregano, which can be found in the Peaceful Meadow and Plaza, respectively.

Once gathered, speak to Goofy, then head home to use your Stove. Toss the necessary ingredients into the pot by using any food to create a meal. After using the Stove and obtaining the repast, present it to Goofy, and A Warm Welcome will come to a close.

Photographic Memory

It’s scrapbook time for the third Goofy quest, Photographic Memory! Aside from the tranquil activity of fishing, Goofy also enjoys snapping pictures. This particular quest evidently centers around this, as we take our camera across the Valley for some photography.

Our first session involves fruit trees and bushes, specifically Apple, Raspberry, and Banana. Apple Trees are in the Plaza, Raspberry Bushes are found throughout the Peaceful Meadow, and Banana Trees are sitting along Dazzle Beach and the Meadow as well.

Return to Goofy after snapping your shots. Your next objective will bring you close to the critters, which include a squirrel and a rabbit. Squirrels can be seen running around the Plaza, while the swift rabbits reside among the Peaceful Meadow.

Rabbits might be a challenge at first to get close to, but as long as they’re in the frame, you’ll be set to continue. Take your pictures then make your way back to Goofy. Talk with him, and he’ll provide one final photographic activity where you snap pictures of flowers.

For the final part of the Photographic Memory quest, we need photos of a Red Daisy, a Green Rising Penstemon, a Dandelion, and a White and Pink Falling Penstemon. Red Daisies and Green Rising Penstemons are in and around the Plaza while Dandelions and White and Pink Falling Penstemon flowers are located in the Peaceful Meadow. Snap the required pictures to finally speak with Goofy one more time to bring this quest to an end.

The Mysterious Wreck

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Raft Quest

Out of the previous Friendship quests for Goofy, The Mysterious Wreck is a vital one. Basically, we’re repairing a boat that will bring us to Ariel. We’ll first need to access Dazzle Beach for 1,000 Dreamlight in order to approach the island containing a shadowy pillar.

The island will be near Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach and the fast travel well. Search for a paddle in the sand to bring back to Goofy. If we are to repair the boat, we’ll need an assortment of unique resources. Mainly, we need 30 Hardwood, 7 Rope, 25 Clay, and 10 Iron Ingots. This portion of the quest will take you some time to complete.

Hardwood can be scooped up from the ground in the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor. To craft Rope, use eight pieces of Fiber. You can gather Clay in the Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau areas. For Iron Ingots, you’ll need to combine Iron Ores and Coal – all via the Crafting Station. Both of these items can be found by mining the big black rocks in the Glade of Trust. It would greatly benefit you to store or sell any futile items to free up any space in your backpack before you go hunting.

Once you’ve collected the required materials, find and speak with Goofy, who will provide you with the blueprint for a Raft Repair Kit. Use this at a Crafting Station to forge the new kit. Thereafter, go to Goofy and talk with him once more.

Travel with Goofy to the site of the raft to begin the repairs. Once that’s all said and done, talk to Goofy again to finish up this portion of his quests. In addition, Ariel’s The Lonely Island quest will become available.

Dinner with a Friend

Goofy, the expert salesman and fishing companion, wishes to make a seafood meal for Mickey in the Dinner with a Friend quest. What he needs from you is to do the actual fishing, catching, and cooking. Our required fish include 2 Clams, 2 Shrimp, and 2 Scallops.

Bring these to Goofy, who will then provide the recipe for Bouillabaisse. Cook this at your favorite Stove with 1 Tomato, 1 Vegetable (any), 1 Shrimp, and 2 Seafood (any). Keep in mind that you must assemble two servings of Bouillabaisse. When you’re done, you can finally bring the meals to Goofy to complete Dinner with a Friend.

Photo Fervor

Continue your connection with Goofy to advance to Friendship Level 4 to unlock the Photo Fervor quest. This acts as a continuation of the scrapbook activity, only we’ll be photographing landmarks for this occasion. Upon accepting this task, you’ll be snapping pictures of the following locations:

  • The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree in the Glade of Trust. Also known as the residence of Mother Gothel.
  • The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard in the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Scrooge’s Store in the Plaza.
  • Remy’s Restaurant, also in the Plaza.
  • Dream Castle, also in the Plaza.

Take your newly saved portraits to Goofy, who – as fate would have it – assigns another photography job for you to do. Our next artistic undertaking concerns the various Pillars across the Valley. Use your camera to take pictures of these four Pillars:

  • Pillar of Friendship in the Peaceful Meadow.
  • Pillar of Power in Dazzle Beach.
  • Pillar of Courage in the Forest of Valor.
  • Pillar of Trust in the Glade of Trust.

Show Goofy your new photos, and you’ll be presented with the quest’s final errand: a selfie. Equip a hat (or change your style if you’re already sporting one), position your camera for a selfie with Goofy, then snap away. Present the dual self-portrait to him, and the Photo Fervor” quest will be fulfilled.

Scrapbook Blitz

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz

For the final Goofy quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Friendship Level 10 is needed to unlock Scrapbook Blitz. In this one, we’ll be finalizing the scrapbook by taking pictures with multiple characters. Start by talking to Goofy to receive your duties. You’ll begin with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Next, snap pictures of four other characters in the Valley of your choosing. When you’re ready, return to Goofy to submit the photographic artwork.

For your penultimate task, Goofy will supply you with the Scrapbook furniture piece to place somewhere in the Valley. Arrange a nice spot for everyone to come and see it, after which they’ll gather for one more picture.

Snap the photo, then head back to our pal in an orange sweater to speak with him for the final time (in the case of his quests, of course). Goofy will reward you with his famous hat, bringing the Goofy questline to a close.