Disney Dreamlight Valley | How to Feed Animals

Out of all the friends that you can meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the animals are among the most playful. This is in regard to their endearing nature and freedom to roam throughout the Valley. We have sea turtles, bunnies, squirrels, and more that we can interact with. In fact, we can even feed these animals! Keep reading onward to see how you can give food to these little critters.

How to Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Feed Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can feed animals by softly approaching them until a prompt appears before them. From there, your inventory will open, allowing you to select whichever available food you have for them. However, don’t pick just any food. Select an apple, and they’ll express great joy for the gift. Simple vegetables will do, but they won’t love them as much. We recommend sticking with apples for the squirrels, though other fruit works, too.

Apples can be picked from the Plaza grounds on trees. They often grow in abundance, and they’ll respawn after a short time. It never hurts to have a supply on you to both feed animals and also replenish your energy.

Remember that you can’t feed every little animal you come across in the Valley. You have a variety of them, but they all act differently. Squirrels seem to be the most cooperative, and you can find them near the main entrance. Bunnies will engage in a game of “catch me if you can”; whenever you get close, they’ll scatter away. Sea turtles will hide in their shells if you start to approach them.

Feeding the squirrels will complete one of your many Dreamlight Duties in the game. You won’t receive a ton of Dreamlight from it, but these duties work as continuous challenges. Be sure to give them an apple whenever you have a chance, bringing you one step closer to defeating the Forgetting.

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