Disney Dreamlight Valley | How to Remove Mushrooms

Discovering and exploring a brand-new biome in Dinsey Dreamlight Valley is always exciting. However, you’ve probably noticed that despite unlocking the biome, some paths and locations are still blocked by a bundle of mushrooms. These can be small, medium or large mushrooms. Either way, they serve the same purpose of blocking access to an area until you remove them. If you’re finally ready to get rid of them, this guide will show you how to remove all types of mushrooms blocking your path.

How to Remove Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Remove Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To remove mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to upgrade your Watering Can two times. For the first upgrade, you need to complete “A Dark Experiment” quest for Merlin. To unlock this quest, you first need to reach Friendship level 8 with Merlin. You can do this by giving him presents, asking him to hang out, and completing quest for him.

Once you’ve completed that Friendship requirement, you’ll unlock “A Dark Experiment quest. For this quest, you’ll need 20 Mushrooms, five Emeralds, and three Purified Night Shards. Mushrooms you can find and freely harvest on the ground in the Glades of Trust. Emeralds are rare, but you get them from mining in the Forest of Valor or Glades of trust. To craft one Purified Night Shard, you’ll need five Night Shards and one Dream Shard. Night Shards you get from the glowing mounds on the ground and Dream shards you get from clearing Night Thorns.

Once you’ve returned all these items and completed the quest, Merlin will upgrade your watering can so you can remove small and medium mushrooms. Now onto the second upgrade and quest for removing large mushrooms.

For the second upgrade, you’ll need to complete “The Final Trial” quest. Which you unlock by reaching Friendship level 10 with Merlin and completing all his prior quests. Once you do, this Quest will task you with crafting five Purified Night Shards. Done the same way as explained above. Once you’ve got all five, bring them to Wall-E who will crush them into Night Shard Powder. Now return the Powder to Merlin and you’ll receive a book called “Magic Weed Removal” and the next part of the quest.

The last leg of this quest will require you to get 25 mushrooms, one Falling Water, and one Ice Heart. Again, you can get mushrooms by picking them from the ground in the glades of trust. Falling Water can be collected from the waterfall found in the Glade of Trust. Lastly, to get the Ice Heart, you need to plant the Ice Heart Seed in the Frosted Heights area.

Once you’ve got all three items, you can make the Royal Water Can Upgrading Ointment. Take this ointment to Merlin and he will use it to upgrade your Watering Can so you can remove all types of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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