Disney Dreamlight Valley | How to Repair Wall-E

One of the most lovable characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Wall-E, the trash compacting robot from Pixar’s 2008 movie. In the quest, The Shy Little Robot, you’ll be able to bring him back to the Valley to live with his friends. However, you’ll first need to figure out how to repair Wall-E by finding his missing track. Unfortunately, since he lives in a trashy realm, you’ll have to do a bit of searching to uncover it!

How to Repair Wall-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Repair Wall-E Disney Dreamlight Valley

To repair Wall-E in the Shy Little Robot quest, you need to open up the refrigerator to the left of the tiny robot and retrieve the track. However, you’ll quickly discover that the handle is missing and you’ll need to find it before you can open it and fix Wall-E. Thankfully, you’ll find the handle by clearing trash and digging in the glowing spots. It’s a random drop, so just keep digging and cleaning up until you find it.

Once you have the refrigerator handle, head back and open up the storage container. Inside, you’ll find some food and a track. Place it, and any food you’d like, into your inventory then go back and speak and use it to repair Wall-E.

Now that you have successfully repaired Wall-E, you can speak to him and figure out how to get him to move back to the Valley. He will now ask you to craft Trash Cubes in the Crafting Station located in his realm. After that, you’ll need to plant and water some seeds for him.

Once that’s complete, you’ll need to speak to Merlin about bringing him a few gifts to convince him to move back. He will instruct you to speak with Mickey about a missing ball, Goofy about a Sprout Boot, and Scrooge McDuck trading Garnets for a Fire Extinguisher. With Wall-E repaired and the gifts in hand, head back to him and present him with the gifts.

This will convince him to move back to the Valley, and you’ll need to pay Scrooge McDuck 2,000 Star Coins to build his home. Once you’ve done that, will have finished the Shy Little Robot quest and can continue to complete the Wall-E questline.

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