Disney Dreamlight Valley | How to Sell Items

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’re given numerous projects to work on as we progress through the game. From the fishing locations and mining areas to the recruiting of our beloved characters, there’s no shortage of activities. However, to properly thrive in the Valley, we’re going to need some money, which will help us in our fight against the eerie Forgetting. So, we’ll need to sell some items if we are going to expand our journey in the Valley. Here’s how to get started.

How to Sell Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Sell Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Trading with Goofy at one of his posts will allow you to buy and sell items with him. Each item is valued at its energy amount and final price, which ultimately depends on what you acquire. And Goofy can sell nearly anything to you without reaching a cutoff point. It’s like the Valley’s economy is secretly booming without us even knowing. Regardless, you can sell any unwanted items to him for a nice profit.

Indeed, Goofy will have more than one trading post in the game. His initial location will be in the Peaceful Meadow, where you’ll do most of your starting transactions. But as you unlock more regions, you’ll soon see on your updated map any additional posts for establishment. To open a new post, visit one of the new locations to find Scrooge McDuck’s construction sign. Simply do business with him by spending some of your hard-earned cash, and you’ll have a secondary Goofy post to work with.

Keep in mind that not only can you sell your commodities and products but Goofy can provide some helpful goods. He’ll start off with only a couple, yet you can upgrade his structures for more available items. Of course, you’ll have to talk with Scrooge McDuck in order to make it happen. Therefore, be sure to get rid of any things in your inventory you don’t need so that the Valley can continue to flourish.

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