Disney Dreamlight Valley | How to Upgrade Tools

The Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley are your instruments of justice and love that are provided to you from the game’s beginning quests. You have three primary tools: the Watering Can, Pickaxe, and Shovel. These are strong enough to help clear the way of the various drawbacks and hurdles, which mainly stem from The Forgetting. But as you progress, you’ll have to administer a few upgrades if you want to bring the Valley back to its magical glory. This guide will show to upgrade tools while completing a few specific quests along the way.

How to Upgrade Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Upgrade Tools

Upgrading your tools isn’t exactly a straightforward concept in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Instead of relying on foraging, crafting, or hunting for ingredients, most of these upgrades are completed through character quests. To reach the upcoming quests, make sure you have Maui, Moana, Elsa, and Anna in the Valley before starting. Merlin is also essential here, but he’s already been in the Valley, even before you access the Castle for the other characters.

Watering Can

The Watering Can not only has the ability to grow crops quickly but it can also destroy those eerie purple mushrooms. And it’s possibly the easiest of the three tools that you can upgrade.  To begin, work with Merlin’s quests until you reach “A New Enchantment”. It’ll be your first time experimenting with the advanced tool. Continue to advance your friendship with Merlin until you get “The Final Trial” quest. Participating in this one will bring the Watering Can to its full potential, thus allowing you to get rid of larger mushrooms.


For the Pickaxe Royal Tool, you’ll need to work with two different characters: Maui and Elsa. Once Maui enters the Valley from the Moana Realm, you’ll be able to break aspects of coral on the beach sites. It’s not until his “A Tale of Stone and Fire” quest that you receive the advanced final upgrade where you can break apart larger chunks of coral. For Elsa, proceed onward with her friendship quests until you obtain “Breaking the Ice” to get to work on the icy obstacles. This acts as the initial big upgrade for the Pickaxe.

The permanent upgrade won’t occur until you heighten your friendship with Elsa to get “Breaking the Ice”. Here, you’re able to smash away bigger blocks of ice. You also use this upgrade to clear the way for the Ice Cavern within the Forest of Valor area.


Disney Dreamlight Valley Shovel Royal Tool

Anna plays a central role in activating an upgrade for the Shovel tool. Firstly, we must invite her to the Valley. We simply do this by playing through the Frozen Realm in the Castle. Play through her quests, and you’ll come to attain “An Icy Invitation”. Anna wishes to welcome her sister back to the Valley, but you must clear out the tree stumps blocking the way to the Forest of Valor. She’ll then ask you to craft the Shovel blade. The ingredients for it are as follows: 10 Softwood, four Hardwood, four Iron Ingots, and three Tinkering Parts. Once assembled, you can then start getting rid of those tree stumps to bring Elsa back among family and friends.

Keep in mind, the mission to upgrade your tools will take some time, so ensure that you have enough resources before inviting the characters back to Dreamlight Valley. Perhaps these guides can be of some assistance if you find yourself stuck somewhere: