Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ore | Where to Find

Mining for Iron Ore becomes an essential task for multiple questlines in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Many characters provide the players with objectives involving Iron Ingots, ultimately refined from the ore. Additionally, Iron Ingots are vital to many decorative pieces that you can craft to give the Valley a little makeover. Locating Iron Ores is fairly easy to accomplish, for they’re found in multiple biomes while maintaining a quick respawn rate. Equip your pickaxe, adventurer. We’re going to find us some Iron Ore in the Valley.

Where to Find Iron Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Iron Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Iron Ore can be mined from any biome in the Valley except for the Plaza, Dazzle Beach, and Peaceful Meadow. That means that the rock spots in Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, Forgotten Lands, and Frosted Heights can provide you with Iron Ores. While every hit onto a rock might not produce the material, these are the areas for you to search and mine. Each biome will only have a few spots to forage, but you can always come back later to gather more ore.

While you might not always get Iron Ore from mining at the spots, you’ll receive other resources for your efforts. All rocks have a good chance of providing Coal, but the biomes can generate a variety of materials for you to collect. Rocks in the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights can give you Gold Nuggets. The ones in the Forgotten Lands can fill your inventory with Crystals.

When it comes to Iron Ore and Iron Ingot, utilizing them for crafting purposes is the best way to go. You’re better off not selling these resources at one of Goofy’s trading stalls, mostly because they have very little value. Iron Ores sell for only 10 Star Coins a piece; the refined Iron Ingots go for 70 Star Coins a bar. If anything, selling any undesirable Stone to Goofy is always a nice way to earn a little extra money. Since you’re mining for iron, you’re most likely mustering up unneeded slabs of Stone. Get rid of those, as well as any gems for a pretty profit.

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