Disney Dreamlight Valley Lancetfish Location | Where to Find

It’s nice to take a break from questing in Disney Dreamlight Valley and enjoy the game’s more traditional activities. You know, things like farming, cooking, and fishing. You’ll have to get into one of those hobbies at some point, after all. That’s because you’ll need to start earning some serious Star Coins if you want to progress and unlock more areas. And, believe it or not, fishing is one of the most profitable. One of the rarest catches is the Lancetfish, and if you’re looking for one, this guide will show you where to catch it.

Where to Find Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley in the Forgotten Lands. To get to this location, you’ll first need to unlock Sunlit Plateau for 7,000 Dreamlight, and then from it, you can unlock the Forgotten Lands for 15,000 Dreamlight. Once you’ve arrived in the Forgotten Lands, go to the ponds in the area and look for blue bubbles and ripples in them. If they are shining blue, this means a Lancetfish has spawned. If the bubbles and ripples are shining gold, it means an Anglerfish has spawned.

With this knowledge, it shouldn’t take long before you can get your hands on a Lancetfish. Once you’ve caught a Lancetfish, you can then sell it for 650 Star Coins. Which, if you ask us, is a pretty good return for a few seconds of fishing. You could also consume the Lancetfish, which provides 1,300 energy. Either option works, but fishing in the Forgotten Lands can be extremely profitable.

We know Lancetfish sell for 650, but Anglerfish, another fish that spawns in the Forgotten Lands, sell for 1,500 Star Coins. That’s why, if you spend some time fishing the ponds in the Forgotten Lands and catching all the Lancetfish and Anglerfish you can, you’ll turn aside a rather large profit.

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