Disney Dreamlight Valley Lions Claws Locations | Where to Find

Scar is back, and he’s taken the Sunlit Plateau by storm! Scar is an exceptionally important friend to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you’d best be ready to constantly chatter with him and do what he asks. The Breaking Bones quest is one of these critical ventures, if you want to upgrade your shovel! Scar will ask you to find a few sets of Lions Claws for his quest. They only spawn in a single location, though. We’ll tell you where that is!

Where to Find Lions Claws in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Lions Claws in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Lions Claws are quest items that appear for Scar’s Breaking Bones quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There are five in total, and they all spawn at the bottoms of the cliffs on the Sunlight Plateau. They typically spawn in glowing mounds that are right next to the cliff edges. Once you gather all five, you can grab the Dry Wood and Iron Ingots that you’ll need to progress in the game’s tech tree.

The Breaking Bones quest is crucial in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as it unlocks the ability to smash the Wildebeest Bones scattered across the plateau. This quest is one of the first available for the Lion Uncle… But is a breath of fresh air after the long wait you need for the Orb of Nurturing.

However, the Lions Claws are a bit frustrating to find. Even if you know that they’re near the cliffs, you’ll still need to locate the small bumps in the ground that contain the old nail clippings. These sparkle a bit, like most quest items, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t random! Look along the cliff edge and you should find all five digging spots. Then, you’ll just need some wood and iron to make the new and improved shovel!

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