Disney Dreamlight Valley Lobster Roll Recipe | How to Make

The lobster roll recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a 5-star meal that packs in quite a lot of energy. Players can alternatively sell it to Goofy for a pretty penny, but it also helps to have the recipe already at hand. Ursula will ask for the meal in question during one of her friendship quests as well. So, how exactly do we prepare a lobster roll? What food do we need in order to conjure this desirable plate? Look no further, adventurer. We got you covered right here!

How to Make Lobster Roll in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Make Lobster Roll

You’ll need five main ingredients to make the lobster roll recipe: one Lobster, one Butter, one Garlic, one Lemon, and one Wheat. And these can be found throughout the Valley as long as you’re unlocking more areas. Quite importantly, we need to have Remy in the Valley, as well as access to the Glade of Trust, Forest of Valor, and Peaceful Meadow. These are vital in the creation of lobster rolls, and there are no other options when it comes to obtaining them.

How to Get Lobster Roll Recipe Ingredients

If you need lobster, you’ll have to go to the aforementioned Glade of Trust to do some fishing. Make your way to the northern part of the region where a small pond is located. Cast your fishing rod onto a golden ripple and start pulling away. It’ll take you about five single pulls until the lobster gives up and joins your backpack. Lemons are also within the same area, hanging on trees and waiting to be picked.

Garlic can be scooped up from the ground in the Forest of Valor. Walk around the area for a bit until you’re able to grab a sufficient amount for yourself. They appear as a small batch of white bulbs. Wheat is possibly one of the earlier vegetables that you’ll begin to farm with as you start up the first quests of the game. If you need more of it, pay a visit to Goofy’s trading post in the Peaceful Meadow. He can sell you seeds if you wish to plant them on your own.

Finally, butter can be bought by Chez Remy in his restaurant. Gather up the necessary ingredients and you can actually cook lobster rolls in Remy’s kitchen. Plus, it helps to not run back and forth for butter if you’re used to purchasing items one at a time. Once the meal is in your inventory, you can then sell it to Goofy for 1,975 coins. Or, you can use it to greatly replenish your energy by 4,928 points.

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