Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost in the Dark Grove | How to Complete

Donald Duck is one very famous Disney character that many fans will instantly recognize, especially in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Upon entering the magical atmosphere of the Valley, we meet with several individuals that have been fighting off the Forgetting for quite some time now. With your leadership and support, the darkness soon begins to dissipate, with characters returning home. However, Donald Duck is trapped and lost within the Dark Grove. Kristoff informs us of the situation, but it’s up to us to save the temperamental duck.

How to Complete Lost in the Dark Grove in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete Lost in the Dark Grove in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You need to work with Kristoff and Merlin in order to complete the Lost in the Dark Grove quest. You’ll basically acquire the mysterious feather from within the Dark Grove before presenting it to Kristoff. He then informs you to bring it to Merlin in hopes of assembling a spell to locate Donald.

Alas, Merlin can conjure such a solution with a few ingredients. Along with the feather, you’ll need four Dream Shards, two Emeralds, and one Plant from the Dark Grove. Dream Shards are obtained by digging into sparkling holes in the ground with your shovel. For Emeralds, mine the nearby rock nodes with green gems popping out onto the surface with the axe. Craft these items into the tracking spell with Merlin, which will morph into the Enchanted Feather.

Next, bring your newly-acquired Enchanted Feather with you back into the Dark Grove. The unique item will then float toward Donald’s location. Simply follow the path through the supernatural area until you finally reach the anthropomorphic duck. Speak with him, and he will give you the Orb of Courage to place into the respective Pillar in the Forest of Valor. Doing so will ultimately unlock Donald Duck, thus bringing him back safely to the Valley. The quest will then come to an end.

The Lost in the Dark Grove is the first quest given by Kristoff once you unlock the Forest of Valor. It only costs 3,000 Dreamlight to access the biome but once you do, make contact with Kristoff near the Pillar of Courage. It will commence his set of story quests, as well as provide additional access to other resources and areas.

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