Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones | How to Get

Moonstones are the premium currency that players can use to spend on cosmetic items in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unlike Star Coins and Dreamlight, Moonstones don’t actively appear in the game. In fact, they’re more of a rare sort. You might’ve seen them in footage for the game or during your gameplay by accessing the menu. Regardless, don’t expect to get a lot of them during your time in the Valley. There are ways to get Moonstones, yet they’re not so worthwhile when it comes to obtaining them.

How to Get Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Get Moonstones

There are three ways to get Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley, with one of them involving some money coming out of your pocket. Moonstones are acquired by either purchasing a Founder’s Pack, completing Star Path challenges, or opening blue chests. The former evidently requires some level of payment, while the other two provide the currency through gameplay. It all boils down to if you’re in a rush to gain Moonstones, which aren’t necessarily as vital as the aforementioned Star Coins and Dreamlight currencies.

If you’re not looking to spend real money in the Valley, you’ll have to refer to the Star Path challenges. Essentially, the Star Path acts as the game’s battle pass, where you can get additional rewards for completing duties. The current Star Path is centered around Villains, just in time for the Halloween season.

Blue chests will appear throughout the biomes, though they’re not as common as the others in the Valley. You’ll most likely encounter one or two during each day, but don’t anticipate them to appear on a frequent basis. Besides, they only supply you with 10 Moonstones, a rather low amount compared to the Founder’s Packs.

The Founder’s Pack is the leading way to get an enormous amount of Moonstones in the game. It’s one of the initial ways of playing Disney Dreamlight Valley (the other being through an Xbox Game Pass subscription). According to the official website, the game offers three packs: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition. The Standard Edition provides 8,000 Moonstones; a Deluxe offers 14,500; the Ultimate bestows a tremendous amount of 20,000.

A plentiful of Disney cosmetics will constantly pop up in the game before the full release. Now is a good time to gather as many Moonstones as you can if you’re looking to get more items in the Valley during Early Access.

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