Disney Dreamlight Valley | Orchid Sunbird Favorite Food

The animals of Disney Dreamlight Valley all have their own personalities and traits. These little critters aren’t just all looks, though. They can be given objects and gifts so they’ll like you more! There’s financial benefits to this companionship, so you’ll want to at least consider finding a favorite animal. The Orchid Sunbird is a beautiful creature with a farmable favorite food. However, you’d never guess what it is without investing in many different food options for this creature.

What’s the Orchid Sunbird’s Favorite Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Orchid Sunbird's Favorite Food Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Orchid Sunbird likes the Orange Houseleek flower the best. The Orange Houseleek is an orange blooming flower that can be picked in the Sunlit Plateau area. You can feed the Orchid Sunbird once per day, and after two days it’ll become your companion. Animal companions deliver additional Dreamshards and other miscellaneous items, and will follow the player around, making them a prime pet.

To feed an animal companion, you’ll just need to interact with them with the prompt that comes onto screen. Some animals require slower movement or to sneak up on them if you wanna feed them.

Sunbirds are rare amongst animals in that each of them need their own type of flower. Ugh. They’re also a bit annoying to catch, since they flit around. They won’t specifically run away from you, but they are fast. Be patient and get to them on their own time! You shouldn’t need to sneak up on them or anything.

You can feed the Sunbird an Orange Houseleek once per day. You’ll have to do it for two days in a row, much like any animal that wanders the property. Once you’ve done so, it’ll become your companion and follow you around, spitting out Dreamshards. It’s not much, but it will reduce the grind that you have to do later by a bit. They’ll also hand over seeds and other plant life.

Thankfully, you can have as many companions as you like! So once you get this Sunbird, you can get more!