Disney Dreamlight Valley Oyster Platter Recipe | How to Make

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste buds. From desserts, vegetable dishes, and even a variety of seafood dishes, which we assume Maui and Moana pushed to be in the game. One of the delicacy seafood dishes is the Oyster Platter. However, the fact that the dish revolves around one key ingredient — oysters — doesn’t mean it’s all that simple to make. Nonetheless, we’ll show you how to get all of the ingredients to make the Oyster Platter in this guide.

How to Make an Oyster Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make an Oyster Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the Oyster Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need one Oyster as well as one Lemon. Let’s start with the key ingredient, Oysters, because they can also be the toughest ingredient in this dish to find.

Oysters spawn on Dazzle Beach, and you can find them there by searching along the coastline. Unfortunately, Oysters are one of the rarest spawns on Dazzle Beach, and you’re more likely to come across Clams and Scallops while searching.

However, Oysters also spawn on Ariel’s Lonely Island. So it’s worth checking both locations for them, but you’ll still need luck on your side in both cases to find one. But after some vigorous searching, you’ll eventually come across an Oyster at one of these locations. Once you’ve got your Oyster, we can move to the second ingredient for the Oyster Platter, Lemons. These can be found growing on trees in the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust. You should have no trouble coming across one in either location, in no time.

Once you’ve got your Oyster and Lemon, you’re ready to make the Oyster Platter. Simply add these two ingredients to the Stove Pot in your house or at Remy’s Restaurant and you’ll have the two-star dish. Oyster Platter sells for 367 Star Coins and gives you 1155 Energy when consumed.

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