Disney Dreamlight Valley Pastry Cream and Fruits | How to Make

Baking together a five-star dessert in Disney Dreamlight Valley certainly has its benefits. Aside from its trade value and Energy pool, the Pastry Cream and Fruits presentation is a delicious addition to your Collection of meals. It’s pretty easy to make, for the only ingredients you’ll need will be a few fruits and a couple of other resources that you can quickly acquire in the Valley. If you’ve been playing the game for a while now, you might already have the necessary portions at home or in your backpack.

How to Make Pastry Cream and Fruits in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Pastry Cream and Fruits in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Pastry Cream and Fruits is a five-star meal that stands on the pedestal of the cake recipes (like Aurora’s and Wedding) under the dessert category. Three Fruits (any), one Milk, and one Sugarcane are what you need in order to make a serving of Pastry Cream and Fruits. We went with the basic three apples for this recipe, but players can alternatively use any other fruit of their choosing. Doing so will generate different amounts of Star Coin value and Energy, depending on what you throw into the pot when you’re cooking.

To properly put together the dessert in question, head over to Chez Remy’s Restaurant to cook. You can purchase Milk from there for 230 Star Coins. As for Sugarcane, Goofy will sell them as either a single crop or a bag of seeds. The single piece goes for 29 Star Coins and a bag sells for five Star Coins.

When you take your new dessert to one of Goofy’s stalls, you might end up rather disappointed if you want to sell it. It’s only valued at 497 Star Coins or more, which is extremely low for a five-star plate of sweetness. While you may not receive a decent payout for it, eating it will provide you with a substantial amount of Energy, marking it at 2,332 points or more. Of course, it can always be a gift for one of the villagers, but that solely depends on daily rotations for their preferred offerings.

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