Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor Quest | How to Complete

Goofy is probably one of the greatest characters that you can befriend in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He’s a shopowner and has loads of quests that will bring you all around the valley. However, there are some of his tasks are flat-out annoying, and one of them is the Photo Fervor quest, where he gives you a list of locales to take pictures of. There’s only a slight problem… The names of the landmarks are fairly generic. Even if you’re a Disney super-fan, you still might have trouble recognizing some of these icons throughout the map. This guide will tell you where to go without explicitly spoiling anything.

How to Complete the Photo Fervor Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Photo Fervor Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to complete the Photo Fervor quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need to take pictures of landmarks in specific areas. These areas include:

  • The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree (Glade of Trust)
  • The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard (Sunlit Plateau)
  • Scrooge’s Store (Plaza)
  • Remy’s Restaurant (Plaza)
  • Dream Castle (Plaza)

Afterward, you’ll need to take pictures of the four major pillars. These include:

  • Peaceful Meadow’s Pillar of Friendship
  • Dazzle Beach’s Pillar of Power
  • Forest of Valor’s Pillar of Courage
  • Glade of Trust’s Pillar of Trust

The Photo Fervor quest is unlocked at Friendship Level 4 during the set of Goofy quests. Simply interact with Goofy enough and you’ll level up his Friendship. Then, you’ll do some scrapbooking before getting to Photo Fervor.

These landmarks are fairly obvious, but some are ambiguous. For instance, the Elephant Graveyard requires you to take a picture of the large elephant skull with tusks, not the entire location.

Each of the pillars has a large orb on them. They are fairly obvious and can be flagged down from anywhere in the area where they are located. You may need to do some puzzles to get to all of them in the first place! But, a picture of them will be much easier to nab, so don’t worry about getting into touching range.

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