Disney Dreamlight Valley Pickaxe Upgrade | How to Get

It’s always exciting to unlock a new region in Disney Dreamlight Valley because it means you’re progressing in the game. It also introduces new quests and areas to explore. However, you’ve probably noticed that in some regions, rock debris is blocking the path to certain locations. Some of which you must access in order to complete a quest or obtain resources. And the only way to break the rock that’s blocking the area off is with the Pickaxe Upgrade. Fortunately, we show you exactly how to get the Pickaxe Upgrade in this guide.

How to Unlock Pickaxe Upgrade in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Unlock Pickaxe Upgrade in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get the Pickaxe upgrade in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you first need to complete “A Feast Worthy of a Demigod” quest. This is a quest for Maui that requires you to prepare three different three-star meals for him. Completing this quest will then bring Maui from the Moana Realm back to the Village. It’s something you need to do in order to begin working on the quest for the pickaxe upgrade.

Now that you have Maui back in the Village, you’ll need to raise your friendship with him until you unlock the, Burying the Eel quest. Then you’ll need to complete this quest, which is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve completed it, now you have to upgrade your friendship with him again to level four to unlock the “A Tale of Stone and Fire” quest. This is the quest that will give your pickaxe the upgrade needed to break the rocks.

Once you’ve unlocked this quest, speak to Maui who will show you debris on the beach. He says he can make your pickaxe stronger in order to break it, but he’ll need some tools from Moana’s realm first. So head back to Moana’s realm and search the basket in his boat to find the items. Take them all and give them back to Maui.

Now Maui will ask for a five-star meal to give him the energy to upgrade your pickaxe. Any five-star meal works, so you can either go simple or get fancy, whatever gets you that pickaxe upgrade. Once you give Maui the dish, your pickaxe will be upgraded. You can now use it to complete the quest and break rocks to explore previously inaccessible areas.

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