Disney Dreamlight Valley Pottage Recipe | How to Cook

Remy is a huge asset in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He is our main assistant for the chef crafting system. You have quite a few recipes that you’ll need his help to construct, but he can only do so much to find the recipes in the first place. The Pottage recipe is one of the best, and since it is so high-tier, it is perfect for improving your energy. Let’s learn how to throw a dish together so you can zoom around all day!

How to Cook Pottage in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Cook Pottage in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Pottage recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is made with a potato, any vegetable, and any herb of your choice. Potatoes are acquired via purchasing them at Goofy’s stall. You can also get the vegetable and herbs from the stall, and be able to farm future ingredients if you’d like. Once you’ve mixed these three ingredients at Remy’s kitchen, you’ll have your first batch of this solid meal.

Potatoes are native the Forgotten Lands, so you can just look for this item once you reach that location.

Goofy’s stall is one of the more important things to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is also part of the story! However, the stall that you need to make is the stall in the Forgotten Lands, just north of the Pumpkin House. This stall is where you can get Pumpkins and Leek seeds as well.

The other ingredients are extremely generic. Just gather vegetables and herbs and you’re good to go! Like most meals, this needs just one of each. Since potatoes are the rarest of these materials, you can cook the rest of this meal with anything scattered around from the first area.

Pottage is a three-star recipe and can be a profit over basic potatoes if you use very cheap vegetables and herbs. It is otherwise a fantastic bump for your energy!

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