Disney Dreamlight Valley Raccoon Food | What Do They Like?

Raccoons are just one of the family of critters that you’ll encounter in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These swift little guys reside in the Forest of Valor, and they can be difficult to interact with. If you get too close to them or make a wrong move, they’ll dart away from you. Evidently, they don’t act like the sea turtles on Dazzle Beach or the Squirrels in the Plaza, so we must approach the Raccoon in a different way if we wish to give them food. It’s a little tricky at first, but no need to worry. Our notes will help you out!

What Food Do Raccoons Like in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What Food Do Raccoons Like in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Blueberries are the preferred food for a Raccoon. They can be picked from the fruit bushes in the Forest of Valor. Raccoons won’t go for any other fruit or flower, so be sure you stack up on blueberries for them. Secondly, they won’t come up to you – you’ll have to make the first move. Since they’re quite instinctive, your every move will be carefully observed. Therefore, you must employ some patience when it comes to these critters.

To interact with a Raccoon, approach its proximity until they spot you. They’ll do this by standing upright like a deer in headlights. But once they squat, you can then start to saunter toward them. Don’t run or twitch in another direction. As long as they remain in a squatted position, slowly walk up to them. Once they stand up again, stop in your tracks and wait for them to return to their previous position.

A couple of good minutes will be spent here on your first try, but it’s all worth it once the Raccoon sits down and awaits your arrival. The interaction prompt will appear, where you can now select a blueberry to present to the animal. They’ll rejoice at the sight of the fruit. Feed them a couple more times, and they’ll eventually be added to your Collection. Keep in mind, there are five unique Raccoons in the game, so you might spot more than one running around in the Forest of Valor.

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