Disney Dreamlight Valley Race Car Tracks | Where to Find

Welcome to the land of Toy Story! In this Disney Dreamlight Valley realm expansion, you are brought down to the size of Buzz and Woody to explore a titanic version of Andy’s bedroom. Being shrunk down to the size of a toy isn’t all fun and games, though. If you want to help out Buzz Lightyear, you will have to find all 10 race car tracks in Disney Dreamlight Valley and its Toy Story expansion. Let’s walk through each of the 10 locations so you can find these wooden rails for yourself!

Where to Find Race Car Tracks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Race Car Tracks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The 10 race car tracks in Disney Dreamlight Valley are small, wooden car road segments. They are surrounded in a ton of sparkles, like most quest pieces, but are scattered all around the map.

Here are the locations of all 10 pieces:

  1. In the corner, next to the Star foam floormat tile.
  2. Under the red table, in front of the green legs. Next to the paper balls and paper clips.
  3. Under the red table, behind the green legs. It is under the teddy bear’s rump.
  4. In the corner, next to the music book.
  5. Right behind the wooden connectable tower that touches the floor and pile of books. There’s a penguin nearby.
  6. Inside of the Closet. The door to the closet are white and have shutters.
  7. Underneath the cabinets, by the Unicorn picture and another wooden connectable tower.
  8. Next to the bedside table on the left side of the bed. It is near a few rolls of paper and a drawing of… Sausages, milk, and green beans?
  9. Under the ramp that leads up to the bed. If you can see the “K” on the blocks that are under the red ramp, you’re in the right spot!
  10. By the ladder and the cabinet painted like a white flower. there’s an “oven door” near it, and one of the books has a colorful Easter egg on it. So festive!

Because there are two sizes of race car piece, you will need two inventory slots open.

After you’ve collected them all, you can head back to Buzz to continue the questline.

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