Disney Dreamlight Valley Ratatouille Recipe | How to Make

One of the famous faces you’ll see in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the bona fide chef himself, Remy! He’s shown us that cooking is a work of art, and he embraces this philosophy to the point where he establishes his own restaurant. But, we need him back at the Valley after the whole mess that the Forgetting made. In order for Remy to join our assembly of heroes, we need to make a fresh dish of ratatouille. No need to rush around the kitchen; we’ll help you out with the Ratatouille recipe.

How to Make Ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Make Ratatouille

To make the ratatouille recipe, you need to cook tomato, eggplant, zucchini, onion, and basil in the pot. Remy will be pleased with the results, and so should you. These ingredients combine to create a five-star meal that replenishes your energy if you’re out and about. Otherwise, you can always sell it to Goofy for some extra cash. Serving up this dish will complete Remy’s initial quest upon recruiting him via the castle.

In a way, experimenting with the foods to see if they’ll make ratatouille is extremely worthwhile. Remy’s kitchen provides a variety of ingredients to cook with, giving you almost a sense of carte blanche to be an amateur chef. He has a solid intake of food, making his space the perfect window to stretch your culinary skills.

Remy will walk you through a few tasks during his first quest with you. Basically, you’ll generate a couple of easy dishes before working toward ratatouille. If you can recall from the titular movie, Remy serves up a nice slice of ratatouille to the food critic. It brings up his childhood memories, and it’s definitely one of the best scenes from the movie. It’s wonderful to see this famous meal make its way to the game for us to cook up.

As a side note, don’t forget to visit Remy’s restaurant after his character quest. Not only can you fix up your cooking dreams but you can also upgrade the place to gain access to more food. Some characters will pay a visit to Remy’s restaurant, giving you the opportunity to be a kind server. Don’t waste your coal at your home; cook up some delicious bites with Remy for a more rewarding experience.

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