Disney Dreamlight Valley Raven Food | What Do They Like?

Ravens roam the Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley, slowly hovering above the ground within the eerie atmosphere. They come in different variants, yet they all act in the same way, much like the other critters and their brethren in the Valley. They’re one of the easier animals to approach if you wish to interact with them. No scuttling away, no digging of the head into the sand; a simple step toward them will do the trick. But some wonder, what food does a raven prefer?

What Food Do Ravens Like in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What Food Do Ravens Like in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Unlike the other animals, you can’t pick something up from the ground or a bush to feed the raven. Instead, you’ll have to cook up a 5-star meal for them, for that is what they choose to accept and consume. It’s a bit of a hassle to do, but there are plenty of 5-star meals in your Collection that you can refer to. The raven isn’t picky when it comes to 5-star food, either. It can be an appetizer, an entree, or a dessert – it’s up to you. They also like 2-star and 3-star meals, though these aren’t their absolute favorite food.

Coming up to a raven won’t require much patience and timing. If you stand next to it, it’ll circle around you for a couple of seconds before stopping right in front of you. They won’t fly away if you manage to make any sudden movements, so be sure to stay close to them when you’re attempting to provide some food.

For reference, here’s a list of the 5-star meals from the Collection that you can give to the ravens:




Once you’ve fed a raven a sufficient amount of 5-star meals, it’ll eventually be added to your Collection. Additionally, it could be brought along as a companion if you wish to swap out your current little sidekick. To change your companion, head over to your Wardrobe and select the Companions icon.

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