Disney Dreamlight Valley Red Bell Flower | Where to Find

Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of collectables for you to find over the course of your town-building adventure. From the most basic of flowers to shards of dreams themselves, any player could be quickly overwhelmed by the variety of things they can collect. But, like all collection games, the simplest things can be the deadliest. Enter the Red Bell Flower, a seemingly normal item that feels like it’s impossible to find! If you’ve been searching for this for any recipes or for a gift, we can help you find it!

Where to Find Red Bell Flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Red Bell Flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Red Bell Flower is a foraging item located in the Forest of Valor. It spawns randomly throughout the Forest Biome and appears as a small red flower on the ground. Sadly, due to its random spawn and not being available on the map, you’ll have to search for the flower yourself.

Like most forageable plants, the Red Bell Flower will spawn on grassy areas within the Forest of Valor. These are a fairly common item, so you’ll be able to see it on many walkthroughs of this area.

If you want to find it again after a gathering expedition, you’ll have to reload the area. This can be done through waiting in your home, the same way you regain energy. Because DDV is on a real-life timer, you may want to find something else to do while you wait. Farming or fishing is our task of choice!

This Flower is mainly used as a gift. Gifts can be given to any member of the valley, so choose wisely!

But, the more important use for these flowers is for quests. The Red Bell Flower is used by Moana for the “Fixing the Boat” quest. You’ll need three of them for his task, so stocking up isn’t a bad idea!

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