Disney Dreamlight Valley Seaweed | Where to Find

Everyone who has played Disney Dreamlight Valley knows that the real boss of this early access game is the grind. You have a ton of resources to find, and even the most innocuous item might take an hour to locate. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find something like a flower in the Magic Kingdom! Something as simple as seaweed seems like it should be easy to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, even farming this can be a massive headache. And you’ll need a lot of it. So, let’s farm some of this sea plant!

Where to Find Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to farm seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to unlock the fishing rod and Dazzle Beach. Grab your favorite fishing partner and head down to the beach. Make sure you do not cast your line into the bubbling fishing spots, and instead go for the juicy, normal water. This will guarantee that you find low-quality fish or the plant that you’re looking for.

Seaweed only really spawns in the water of Dazzle Beach after Moana’s questline. You’ll need to fish constantly if you want the supplies needed to consistently craft rope, fiber, and specific recipes.

Bringing a partner along will be critical in getting a large amount of seaweed. They will get low-rarity materials all the time. Make sure you go to them to collect their drops, or else you might miss out on some of that sweet, sweet loot!

Seaweed is a quest item for Moana and is also used for basic recipes. You’re going to need quite a bit of this item over the course of the game, so find a good strategy that works for you! Be sure to move a crafting station nice and close to your favorite fishing spot, since you’ll probably be here fairly often. Dazzle Beach is a big spot for crafting!

Unfortunately, seaweed isn’t the only resource that’s a headache to farm. Here are a few guides to other resources like it.