Disney Dreamlight Valley Skull Rock | Where to Find

Fans of Peter Pan are quick to point out the familiar structure of Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The unique landmark hosts its vicinity to a number of character quests, from Stitch‘s Built to Destroy! to Goofy‘s Mysterious Wreck quests. However, the location doesn’t show up on the map, which essentially translates to manual navigation. Not to worry, though. Since Skull Rock is one of the peculiar landmarks in the Valley, you can easily find it by referring to its distinctive surroundings.

Where to Find Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Skull Rock location map

Skull Rock is located at the far southeast end of Dazzle Beach on a small patch of land. It’s near Goofy’s Stall in the biome, as well Moana’s Boat if you’ve unlocked it with her Friendship quests for free fish. A Pillar will be emitting the Forgetting power in front of Skull Rock, surrounded by blue coral rocks and evil thorns. While it may seem as if you can’t get across to it due to the water, you actually can in this instance with ease. This area will also provide the pathway to meet up with Ariel in the Valley.

At the time of writing, Skull Rock is inaccessible. You’re free to move around the area for other quests and items, but you won’t be able to take a peek inside. Much like the previously dormant Scar location in the Sunlit Plateau, this Neverland landmark will open in a later update.

But just who might be residing within this spot? Skull Rock is a place where pirates would go for safety and comfort, away from the annoyances of Peter Pan and the inhabitants of Neverland. It’s quite possible that either Captain Hook or Mr. Smee might be hiding within the locked location. Perhaps both could be there, but only Scar appeared from his cave when his respective update went live. Only time will tell as the game moves forward with its Early Access phase.

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