Disney Dreamlight Valley Souffle Recipe | How to Make

There are certain meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can only be cooked with specific ingredients. While many offer some sort of leeway when it comes to fish, fruits, and vegetables, you’ll have to abide by set recipes for a few others. This comes with the delicate Souffle, a 4-star appetizer that climbs to the four-digit mark for Energy and Star Coins. What’s great about the Souffle is its accessibility – it’s easy to bake, and you won’t need to travel far in order to make it. Here’s how you can cook up a serving of Souffle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make Souffle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Souffle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the famous French dish, you’ll need to head to Remy’s Restaurant since no outside ingredients will be available for this one. A Souffle requires Cheese, Milk, Eggs, and Butter, and they’re all found in the restaurant’s kitchen. You’ll have to spend some Star Coins if you haven’t assembled these foods beforehand. Furthermore, Remy’s Restaurant will also need to be in the Valley by the time you’re ready to bake Souffle with the famous little chef.

The flavorful Souffle is a supreme creation crafted through dairy products, which makes its presentation all the more valuable. It’s a case of “spending money to make money”. Cheese costs 180 Star Coins, Milk is at 230, Eggs go for 220, and Butter is marked at 190, which comes to 820 Star Coins. Since no other ingredient can be added, the value sits at 1,230 Star Coins with a 2,386 Energy intake. If sold to Goofy, you’ll establish a 410 coin profit for each Souffle. It’s best to keep this one in your backpack for a quick meal once you notice any decline in the Energy bar when you’re outdoors.

A vast majority of the meals in the game will feature resources from the different biomes across the Valley. That’s what makes the Souffle appetizer so distinctive – none of the ingredients can be picked outside of the restaurant. Only Chez Remy is capable of provisioning the villagers with vital dairy products.

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