Disney Dreamlight Valley Sprout Boot Location | Where to Find

If you want to bring Wall-E back home in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to speak to Goofy about his missing Sprout Boot. The missing footwear will serve as a gift needed to convince Wall-E to move back to the Valley during the Shy Little Robot quest. So, where is the Sprout Boot location?

Where to Find the Sprout Boot in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sprout Boot Location

After speaking with Goofy, you’ll be able to find the missing Sprout Boot in the main fishing pond of Peaceful Meadow beside his house. Simply head over to the pond and fish until you catch the boot. It’ll usually take two or three tries before you’ll be able to get it.

Now that you have the Sprout Boot, you’ll also need to gather two more gifts for Wall-E so that you can complete the Shy Little Robot quest. Thankfully they’re pretty simple. You’ll need to speak to Mickey about finding a ball and Scrooge McDuck about mining Garnets in exchange for a Fire Extinguisher.

With all three gifts in hand, you can head back to Wall-E and give them to him. This will be enough to convince him that it’s time to return to the Valley and will allow you to continue his story.

Unfortunately, you will also need to foot the 2,000 Star Coin construction cost for his home in the Valley. If you don’t have enough, try mining for emeralds and fishing in the blue and red spots, and sell what you get to Goofy at his stall. This is usually good for around 1,000 Star Coins and won’t take too long.

There are a total of 6 Wall-E quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and finding the Sprout Boot location will help you complete one of them. The Wall-E questline is an enjoyable one, so be sure to complete them all!

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