Disney Dreamlight Valley Squirrel Food | What Do They Like?

Nothing beats having a cute little adventurer accompany you on your journeys through Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, before you can entice the furry sidekick to join you, you must first persuade them with some tasty treats. But each animal has an acquired taste, which means you’ll need to feed them certain foods if you want them to stick by your side. And if you want a fluffy-tailed companion, you’ll need to know the best squirrel food.

What Food Do Squirrels Like in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What Food Do Squirrels Like in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Peanuts are the best squirrel food in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can purchase peanuts from Remy’s Restaurant for 200 Star Coin. However, they’ll only be available to purchase after you reach level four friendship with Remy and complete Remy’s Lost Recipe Books Quest.

Apples also make for great squirrel food and are much easier to obtain. You can find Apples growing on trees in the Forgotten Lands and Plaza.

So, if you want to befriend a squirrel, you must feed it one of its favorite foods, such as peanuts or apples, for two days in a row. Animals can only be fed once per day, so you can’t simply overfeed them to make them your friends. The good news, however, is that squirrels are among the simplest animals to obtain.

You can simply approach them and interact with them, or you may need to follow them for a bit. This tip will come in handy during the Goofy questline when you need to snap a picture with an animal for the Photographic Memory quest.

Either way, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a squirrel friend, as long as your feeding them the food they like. Which are only peanuts and apples. You can try and feed them other various food types, however, their happiness won’t increase as much and they may not even drop you a reward. That’s why it’s best to rely on the squirrel food we know that works.

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