Disney Dreamlight Valley Sugar Rush | How to Complete

It is time for a feast! Halloween time has hit Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you know what that means! Candy, villains, and more! There’s a new Dreamlight Duty out now, and you’ll almost certainly want to complete it! ‘Tis the season, after all. But, some of your duties this holiday season might fall a bit flat. Sugar Rush is one of these duties, so if you’re unsure how to complete it, you’re not alone! The game is rather cryptic about it. This guide will go over what you can eat to complete this duty… And, what you should eat for it!

How to Complete Sugar Rush in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete Sugar Rush in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Sugar Rush Dreamlight Duty is completed by consuming any meal made with Sugarcane. That means you should craft Candy, which only requires a single Sugarcane to cook. Completing the Sugar Rush duty will unlock Halloween cosmetics for your character, so we suggest completing it soon! We don’t know if its guaranteed to stay for the game’s lifespan, or if this is a timed event.

This Duty is unlocked immediately upon loading up the game in this Halloween season. You won’t need to complete any story or friendship questlines! Even if you’re brand new to this game, you can start farming this quest.

In order to farm this quest effectively, you’ll need a lot of Sugarcane. You can farm this resource in the Dazzle Beach biome.

And… That’s all you’ll need. 45 Sugarcane. That’s because our food of choice is the Halloween special! We’re just farming Candy! This one star recipe only requires a single Sugarcane resource. That means you won’t need any other resources to complete this Duty and unlock your Halloween-friendly cosmetics. However, your store of cooking materials might be in dire need of repurposing after this event… Sugarcane is used in quite a few recipes!

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