Disney Dreamlight Valley Teriyaki Salmon | How to Make

You’re bound to catch some unique creatures whenever you go fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Of course, the fish aren’t just for trading, nor do they merely act as goals in the hobby. We can cook up a variety of meals whose main ingredients consist of either fish or seafood, with our focus today being directed toward the Teriyaki Salmon. How do we serve up a plate of Teriyaki Salmon, you may wonder? Look no further than our guide on cooking this 5-star entree in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make Teriyaki Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Teriyaki Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Since the Teriyaki Salmon is a 5-star meal, you’ll need 5 different ingredients in order to make a single serving. What’s needed is Salmon, Soya, Sugarcane, Rice, and Ginger. Toss these foods into your preferred cooking station, and you’ll have yourself a fresh entree to serve, sell, or consume.

Salmon is fairly easy to come across in the Valley. They’re found within the white ripples in the water at the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights biomes. You might want to bring along a friend whose specialty relies on fishing, to ensure that you can acquire more than one by chance. Additionally, Moana will sometimes have Salmon at their fishing boat, given that you’ve unlocked it with her after her return.

Whether you’ve collected Salmon from Moana or from fishing, the value will be the same when you go to Goofy. Its selling price is marked at 637 Star Coins with a 1,726 Energy intake if eaten.

Where to Find Teriyaki Salmon Ingredients

For Soya, upgrade Goofy’s stall in the Sunlit Plateau to level 2. He’ll sell you Soya Seeds for 60 Star Coins per bag. Individual Soyas go for 104.

Sugarcane Seeds sell for only 5 Star Coins if you want to go with the farming route from the Dazzle Beach stall. It’s just at the initial upgrade, and single Sugarcane pieces can be bought for 29 Star Coins.

The approach is the same for Rice, which can be purchased at the Glade of Trust stall for 35 Star Coins per bag of seeds; individual Rice ingredients sell for 92 Star Coins in rotation.

Finally, Ginger can be picked from the grounds of the Forgotten Lands. Goofy does not sell them at any of his stalls. It’s a spice, so it’s naturally grown in the Valley.

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