Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Project Quest | Open Memory Crates

As you journey through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll eventually need to complete Donal Duck’s The Forgotten Project quest. The quest will task you with opening a time capsule, using some items to craft the Odorous Magnificus enchantment, and visiting Sunlit Plateau to find three memory crate locations that you’ll need to open. This quest has a lot of steps, and we are going to take you through each one of them!

How to Complete The Forgotten Project Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Forgotten Project Quest

To complete The Forgotten Project quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to work with Donal Duck and Merlin to open up a Time Capsule, craft the Odorus Magnificus enchantment, and locate three memory crate locations in Sunlit Plateau.

To get started with The Forgotten Project, you’ll need to speak with Donald Duck. Before you do that, you’ll want to have completed Donald’s A Fishy Dispute quest and make sure you have reached Level 6 friendship with him. You will also need to have unlocked the Glade of Trust biome and have completed Mickey’s Memory Magnification quest. Once all that is out of the way, you can begin!

For starters, open your map, locate Donald Duck, and speak to him. He will inform you that he and Merlin found a Time Capsule and can’t figure out how to open it. Next, to the Merlin Wishing Well and speak with him about opening the Time Capsule. It turns out that he knows how to open it, but is just too lazy to do it himself. He will give you his journal with instructions for breaking the Odorous Magnificus enchantment.

Gather Ingredients for the Odorous Magnificus Enchantment

To open the Time Capsule, you’ll need to use the Odorous Magnificus enchantment. Mixing together the right smells will allow the capsule to be opened and Donald Duck will finally be able to find out what’s inside. To make the mixture, you’ll need to collect the following items:

  • Yellow Bromeliad x2
  • Pink Houseleek x3
  • White Marsh Milkweed x2
  • Blue Hydrangea x3
  • Empty Vial x1

Thankfully all of the items needed for the Odorous Magnificus enchantment are pretty easy to locate. Before you go hunting, you may want to check your inventory or storage crates to see what you have already.

Yellow Bromeliad can be found in the Sunlit Plateau biome, and is simply a yellow flower sticking up from some green foliage. Pink Housleek can also be found in Sunlit Plateau and is a tall pink flower.

The White Marsh Milkweed is located in the Glade of Trust biome and should be easy to find, though the flower is actually green, not white.

To get Blue Hydrangea, head to Dazzle Beach. They’re pretty easy to find and have multiple blue flowers on them.

The last item you need to make the Odorous Magnificus enchantment is an Empty Vial. These can be crafted with three pieces of glass. If you don’t have any, you can craft glass with Sand x5 and Coal Ore x1.

With all the items collected, head to your Crafting Station. Navigate to the Refined Materials tab and you’ll be able to make the Odorous Magnificus enchantment. Next, simply take it back to Merlin and he will use it to open the Time Capsule for you. You’ll need to go into your inventory to open it though.

Inside, you’ll see a few pictures and a map with three locations on it that will lead you to the Sunlit Plateau Memory Crate location. Head back to Donald Duck and let him know what you’ve found, which will lead you to the final part of The Forgotten Project quest.

Sunlit Plateau Memory Crate Locations

Now you will need to head to Sunlit Plateau and look for the locations shown in the memory. Thankfully, the Memory Crate locations appear as glowing boxes and are very easy to spot. Run over to a box, then go speak to Donald Duck.

Eventually, you’ll figure out that you need to visit Mickey Mouse and get the Dreamlight Magnifier from him in order to open the Memory Crates. Fast travel to the Wishing Well and visit Mickey Mouse. Once you have it, return to Sunlit Plateau and use the Dreamlight Magnifier on the box.

Visit all three of the Memory Crate locations in Sunlit Plateau and then give them to Donald Duck. This will allow him to remember his plan to build a fountain for the Village. But, he will need to find a few more items before he can do that.

This will complete The Forgotten Project quest and unlock the Dreamlight Fountain quest.

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