Disney Dreamlight Valley The Missing Prince Quest | How to Complete

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a safe haven for our Disney heroes, and we’re steadily improving it, day by day, task by task. However, Prince Eric is one character who has been missing out on the joys of the valley. And sadly, most characters, with the exception of Ariel, have forgotten about him. That is why, by completing Ariel’s Missing Prince quest and rebuilding his fallen statue, you can restore his memory to the valley. This guide will walk you through each step.

How to Complete The Missing Prince Quest in DDV

How to Complete The Missing Prince Quest in DDV

Speak with Ariel to begin the Missing Prince Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. She’ll first ask you to speak with Merlin, Maui, and Kristoff to see if anyone has an idea of his whereabouts. You can speak to all three, but Kristoff is the one who gives you the next stage of the quest. Kristoff claims to have records of the missing Prince Eric in his home in the Forest of Valor. Head there and you’ll notice a book glowing on a table in the back left corner.

Give the book back and talk to Kristoff. He’ll then send you to search for clues near Skull Rock on Dazzle Beach. Once there, in the water along the shore should be an orange bubbling spot, that you’ll want to fish to find the Statue head of Prince Eric. Bring this back to Ariel, who will then ask you to find all of the missing pieces in order to rebuild the statue, which should jog people’s memories of him.

You’ll then need to show the statue head to Kristoff, who then says he has another missing piece in his house. Collect the missing piece, then go talk to Donald to find the others. Donald explains that one piece is buried in the Glade of Trust, which spawns randomly, but with a little searching, you can easily find it poking out. After that, speak with Scrooge McDuck, who also owns another piece but demands 5 Peridots for it.

Bring the statue pieces back to Ariel now that you have them all. She’ll then give you Superglue to help you repair the statue at the Crafting Station. You must now place the completed statue at the bottom of the staircase leading down to Dazzle Beach. When you place it a memory will spawn at the bottom of the staircase which shows Prince Eric confronting Ursula. Then head back to Ariel and tell her what you’ve seen, and you’ll have completed the Missing Prince Quest.

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