Disney Dreamlight Valley Tomato Seeds | How to Get

Farming is a critical part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you want some of the best recipes for both energy and gifts, you’re going to need a good backlog of crops and a big plot of land. However, DDV is not always the friendliest place when it comes to telling you where you can get your veggies. And to think that tomato seeds might be so hard to locate! If you’re looking for this rather ambiguous crop, we can help you find it!

How to Get Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Tomato seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley are primarily purchased through Goofy’s stall on Dazzle Beach. Tomatoes cannot be found scattered around the map. So, Goofy’s stall is the most effective way to farm tomatoes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Tomatoes are used in several recipes, including Bouillabaisse.

You will not be getting tomatoes until you unlock Dazzle Beach. This location costs 1,000 Dreamlight, and is where Ursula and Ariel are located. This will also be where you can continue Maui’s quest and Donald Duck’s houseboat.

But we aren’t here for the beach life! Tomatoes are sold once you upgrade the stall with 3,000 stars. These seeds only cost 8 coins apiece, making the coin-to-tomato value pretty great!

We suggest that you grow these crops on Dazzle Beach. All crops grow a bit better in the area that you find or purchase them in. If you make a plot on Dazzle Beach, your crop should be ready to harvest in less than a half hour.

Tomatoes are fairly useful, with a wide variety of dishes that require the veggie. You’ll likely need to make Ratatouille at some point, and that does require a tomato! You’ll also be able to make items like Gumbo and Pizza, decent food items that aren’t too expensive to craft.

Tomatoes are far from the only item that you can farm and gather in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Check out some of our other guides for some items that you may have missed: