Disney Dreamlight Valley Tourmaline | Where to Find

Gems are scattered all around the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley. These items are super expensive and are required for specific crafting recipes. However, these rare collectables will often crop up for quests, making them critical to know about. Tourmaline is one of the final gems that you can collect in the Valley. Because it is only really available later on, it is one of the best options for selling, and will be used for end-game quests. Wondering where you can find this gem? We can help you out!

Where to Find Tourmaline in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Tourmaline in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Tourmaline is located in the Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau. The normal version sells for 420 coins and the shiny version sells for 1,600 coins. Like most gems, they are rarely found in mining nodes in their set biome. If you don’t find them, clear out the mining nodes so you can try again.

Mining nodes are scattered all over Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau, and they all have a chance to drop a Tourmaline. Gem-studded rocks have a great chance of dropping this item! So, you’ll simply have to continue clearing them out until one of these precious gemstones drop. Nodes respawn fairly quickly, but you can leave, sleep, and come back if your favorite farm isn’t respawning fast enough.

Tourmaline is notable for its incredible price tag. While not as lucrative as a massive farm, this item is a pretty good incentive for the mining lifestyle.

Tourmaline is required for a few quests and crafting recipes, so try and keep a good storage of basic gems. The shining gems, however, can be lost more or less at will! Tourmaline is a late-game resource, so it isn’t used in too much. Feel free to sell all but a handful of them.

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