Disney Dreamlight Valley Tree Stumps | How to Remove

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of odd jobs based on character questlines to keep you busy and keep things in town orderly and intact. Some are for farming, and others are for cooking, but sometimes you just need to gather resources or tidy up the place. Removing tree stumps is not only a great way to gather wood, but it also opens up the environment and cleans up its appearance. However, many players have been scratching their heads, confused about how to remove tree stumps. That’s why this guide will show you how to do just that.

How to Remove Tree Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Remove Tree Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To remove tree stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to upgrade your shovel. However, that’s not as simple as it sounds. To start, you’ll need to have Anna from Frozen to be available in your valley. To do that, you’ll need to unlock the Frozen Realm for 4000 Dreamlight. Then, you’ll need to complete the main storyline quest called “The Spirits of Nature” for Anna and Elsa. After that, you’ll be able to invite Anna back to your valley.

Now that Anna is in your valley, you’ll need to upgrade your friendship with her to level two. You can do this by hanging out with her, doing activities together, or giving her random gifts. Once your friendship is level two with Anna, you’ll get her quest called “An Icy Invitation”. This is where she’ll start talking about removing tree stumps in the valley and upgrading your shovel to do so. Which, she has a book in her house to help with doing so.

Her house can be found in the far top right of the Forest of Valor, and the book inside can be found on the shelf around the left corner. Give the book to Anna and she’ll give you a new quest to gather materials so that you can upgrade your shovel. The resources you’ll need are 10 Softwood, four Hardoowd, four Iron Ingot, and three Tinkering Parts. Now that you’ve got all the materials, you can head over to the crafting station and upgrade your shovel.

Then simply open your inventory, select the Shovel Blade and you can now use it to remove tree stumps in the valley. Which will open up even more areas for you to explore! So if this guide helped, be sure to check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides below: