Disney Dreamlight Valley Vial of Ocean Water | How to Get

While heading through the chilling lands of Frozen, you may run into a few issues. Specifically, Elsa might have a quest for you, once you become close enough friends with her. The “Breaking the Ice” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley seems simple enough, but requires a strange item that no other quest needs. The Vial of Ocean Water for the “Breaking the Ice” quest is a particularly strange one. Unlike the other resources that the quest asks for, you can’t get this one from farming or buying! If you want to find this vial, you’ll need to look for it.

How to Get a Vial of Ocean Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get a Vial of Ocean Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to find the Vial of Ocean Water for the “Breaking the Ice” quest, you’ll need to head to Dazzle Beach after accepting the quest. The vial is on the inlet to the northeast of wooden bridge, near where Goofy’s stall is, shown in the above image. It’ll be a sparkling light on the ground, like many quest items in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you’ve gotten it, you’re free to bring it back to Elsa at your leisure.

“Breaking the Ice” is one of Elsa’s friendship quests. To unlock it, you’ll have to build her a home and do some basic tasks for her, such as bringing her along for farming. You shouldn’t need to do much to unlock this quest.

Other than the Vial of Ocean Water, you’ll need Sunflowers, Lemons, Sugarcane, and Garlic. These other ingredients can be found from:

  • The Glade of Trust for Lemons.
  • Dazzle Beach for Sunflowers and Sugarcane.
  • Forest of Valor for Garlic.

Once you have the recipe, you can go to Elsa to craft the warmth potion and continue this quest. You’ll be able to explore with her in a cave, which is fun! It’ll also let you find some good mineral spots.

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