Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Quests | Questline Walkthrough

Wall-E is just one of the many unique companions that you’ll hang out with in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The shy robot has transitioned from his ruined realm of pollution and onto the Valley, where he’s willing to make his presence worthwhile. For that, we’ll need to give the little guy a hand through his character quests. He has several ideas in mind, and it’s up to us, the heroes, to ensure that those ideas come to fruition. We’ve put together all of the Wall-E quests into this guide to give you a hand in case you find yourself having trouble understanding famous Pixar characters’ compressed dialogue.

How to Complete All Wall-E Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wall-E Questline Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Wall-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need to go to the Dream Castle and unlock the door that reads, “Desolate Planet with a Shy Robot.” It is the leftmost door located on the bottom floor of the castle and will cost 3,000 Dreamlight to unlock.

Once you’ve arrived at his work, speak with him and complete the quest, The Shy Little Robot to convince him to move into the Valley. There are a total of 6 Wall-E quests, each of which can be ground below.

  • The Shy Little Robot
  • It’s Good to Be Home
  • Village Project: The Garden
  • The Compressed Garbage Incident
  • The Broken Memory
  • A Friendly Exchange

For more details on the Wall-E questline, keep reading!

The Shy Little Robot

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Complete All Wall-E Quests

Firstly, to start the Wall-E quests, we need to get him back to the Valley. The initial quest, The Shy Little Robot, focuses on us bringing him back to the land of magic and friends. Here, in his realm, we clear debris to repair Wall-E, thus helping him find a broken track among the rubbish.

It’ll be inside a fridge that’s near to him. You can then give him the part, followed by the next task concerning the trash around you and Wall-E. Here, we collect 60 pieces of trash to eventually transform into garbage cubes via the nearby Crafting Station.

As fans might know, Wall-E has a thing for plants. He wants you to plant 8 unique plants within his realm for your next objective. We plant them, add some water, then return to the laconic robot. He isn’t ready yet.

So, we’ll have to go back to the Valley and speak with Merlin for our next steps. Merlin suggests that giving Wall-E gifts he likes might persuade him to come to the Valley. In short, we need three gifts.

One from Mickey in his house, the well-known Pixar ball behind his couch. The second is from Scrooge, which is a fire extinguisher that you can trade in for two garnets. And the third is acquired by Goofy – the hopeful sprout boot, an item caught via fishing in the main pond within the Peaceful Meadow region.

We have what we need now. Bring the gifts to Wall-E, and he’ll be ready to return. Your final task for this quest is to place his home onto any available land in the Valley. Once you find a spot, establish it with Scrooge McDuck for 2,000 Star Coins, and Wall-E will be settled for more adventures with us!

It’s Good to Be Home!

It’s Good to Be Home is the second of the Wall-E quests and it encapsulates the robot’s timid personality by both presenting it in full force and offering friendly remedies. In order to help Wall-E feel more comfortable, we bring him to Goofy to have a little conversation.

When the dialogue concludes, the robot will wish to pick flowers and feed animals. Pick any three flowers with Wall-E by your side. Remember, he’s from a world where trash is ubiquitous and soulless –  he’s his way of connecting. After picking the flowers, you’ll then feed any critter to finally complete the It’s Good to be Home quest after speaking with Wall-E about the experience.

Village Project: The Garden

Village Project: The Garden is the third Wall-E quest and will lead us to the broken gardening area in the Peaceful Meadow. Wall-E is a machine that admires agriculture. What he needs from us is to do some fetching in the Valley.

To rebuild the garden, we need 5 Sugarcane Seeds, 5 Wheat Seeds, 1 Trellis, and 3 Burlap Bags. Sugarcane Seeds come from Goofy’s stall on Dazzle Beach; Wheat Seeds from the Peaceful Meadow stall; a Trellis is assembled with 15 Softwood, 3 Soil, and 2 White and Pink Falling Penstemon; the Burlap Bags come from 10 Soil and 20 Fiber.

With these newly acquired items, return to Wall-E and give him the materials. The garden will then undergo a quick repair, which gives you a harvesting source to attend to for any extra crops.

Additionally, while completing the Village Project: The Garden quest, you can upgrade the garden via Scrooge’s sign with Star Coins to gain access to more crops. Wall-E will essentially look over his work, allowing you to pick whichever you like when they’re ready to be picked. This is known as “DIRECTIVE: PLANT”.

The Compressed Garbage Incident

During The Compressed Garbage Incident, giant cubes have shown up in the Valley, and Wall-E doesn’t appreciate it one bit. This quest simply asks you to remove them by interacting with them, much like the Night Thorns in the game.

They’re among the Peaceful Meadow, and their sudden appearance will strike some mild confusion. Remove them, and a strange machine will drop onto the ground. Grab this item, then bring it to Wall-E.

This will complete The Compressed Garbage Incident, but the machine contains a lost memory of Wall-E’s that can be obtained by a Night Thorn. Therefore, clear out any Night Thorns until the memory appears. This will activate the next Wall-E quest, The Broken Memory.

The Broken Memory

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Questline

The 5th of the Wall-E quests is The Broken Memory. Basically, Wall-E is configuring the aforementioned machine from the previous quest. He needs a few components for this mission. Firstly, go into his home to locate a circuit board. Provide this item to him, and he’ll be able to fix the device.

He’ll then walk with us to the Castle, where we’ll make our grand reappearance into his realm. Next, you’ll notice some sparkling spots on the ground for you to dig up. Equip your shovel then go at it. You’ll soon find yourself gathering another device to bring back to Wall-E.

Of course, we’re not done quite yet. Wall-E is requesting 12 Tinkering Parts for the final aspect of the quest. You can make these via the Crafting Station by utilizing Iron Ingots. You can craft 3 Tinkering Parts by throwing in 2 Iron Ingots for each set. When you’ve collected the right amount for Wall-E, you can then deliver them to him to conclude this quest.

A Friendly Exchange

For the final part of the Wall-E questline, you need to max out his friendship status to 10. From there, your next quest’s hidden requirement merely reads, “???”. For this one, clear out Night Thorns until another Wall-E memory appears.

Take this memory to our robot pal, and he’ll share the connection with it. It involves Ariel, and he wishes to bring her gifts. We then go to Ariel for them to meet, where two different lines of dialogue will occur for you: one from Ariel and one from Wall-E.

The next objective in the A Friendly Exchange quest asks us to locate a few items throughout the Valley. We need a bowling pin, a light bulb, and a toy train. The bowling pin is stashed at Goofy’s house; the light bulb can be found at Wall-E’s residence; the toy train is located at Mickey’s place.

They’ll emit a slight sparkling animation, much like the other uncommon items that we can pick up in the game. The final step brings us back to Wall-E, who is ready to present the gifts to Ariel. Once they meet up, allow them to exchange words with each other. When their conversation comes to a close, speak with Wall-E one last time, and you will have completed his entire questline. Nice job, adventurer!

As we all know, completing the Wall-E quests will take time. Regardless, we’re having tons of fun just hanging with these wonderful characters! Be sure to stick around for more guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley with these additional tips: