Disney Dreamlight Valley | What Is Crackling Candy For?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of items that are only used for specific quests. Unfortunately, these items are all bunched up with your normal ones. This can be a bit frustrating, and that’s not to mention that sometimes, the quest items themselves aren’t the easiest to find in the first place! In the new Scar takeover, Crackling Candy will be an important part of your quest to make Scar friendly. But, where is this item? How does it work? And do you have to craft it? We have all the information below.

What is Crackling Candy for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What is Crackling Candy for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Crackling Candy is a Disney Dreamlight Valley quest item, available to the player near the beginning of the Scar questline. Cracking Candy spawns in the chest within the Vitalys Mine along with the recipe for Root Beer. It is required to craft Extra Fizzy Root Beer later in the quest. However, that will require it to be mixed with the Root Beer that you make earlier in the quest.

Crackling Candy is only a quest item. It will never be needed before or after the Scar story questline. So, don’t worry too much about saving it for later or not having more than one!

The candies are located in a chest within the Mines. This chest is on an elevated path, and can be accessed by interacting with a sign.

There is more inside of this box, too! You’ll find the recipe for Root Beer and the ingredients to make it. Crackling Candy is not part of this recipe, but you’ll need Dried Ginger, Sugarcane, and Vanilla.

Then, once you’ve made this root beer (specifically with the dried ginger!), you’ll head through the mines. When you reach a red barrel, you’ll toss your Candy in with the Root Beer to make your Extra Fizzy Root Beer! That’ll progress the quest, because that root beer will make the water level rise! Then, you can head out and talk to Merlin to continue Scar’s story quest. But, don’t get too excited… The end of this quest is a real time sink!