Disney Dreamlight Valley | What Is Forgotten Combination Safe Code?

We adore all of the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including the greedy Scrooge McDuck, but we do wish he could spare us a star coin or two now and then. On the other hand, Scrooge does reward you for completing his quest, “A Forgotten Combination.” That’s right, the old duck has become so lost in the money that he’s forgotten his own safe combination. And if you need that forgotten combination to complete the quest, look no further than this guide to provide it for you.

What Is the Forgotten Combination in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What Is the Forgotten Combination in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The combination to Scrooge McDuck’s forgotten safe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is 250531. However, before you can remind Scrooge of that combination, you’ll need to complete the early stages of the quest that leads you there. Which first starts with finding Goofy and asking him about his favorite day. A small hint, his favorite day is May 25. You may notice this translates to the dates 25-05, which is the start of the Forgotten Combination.

After that, walk around Peaceful Meadow to find the three ponds. You can find one pond near Goofy’s house and the other to beside his cart. You know, the one you buy all your seeds from. Finally, you’ll need to go inside Merlin’s house in Peaceful Meadow just to realize that a wizard only needs one telescope to study the stars. But now that you’ve completed those, you’ll have discovered three ponds and one telescope, the final 31 required for the Forgotten Combination.

Now that you have the combination, head back to Scrooge at his shop and speak with him. He’ll ask you to answer each of the hints, which we know answers are May 25 (Goofy’s favorite day), Three (Ponds), and Just 1 is enough (for a Wizard to study the stars). Then you’ll have completed the quest, and finally, Dreamlight’s richest character will fork over some money. In the amount of 500 Star Coins, and also 310 Friendship Points.

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